Sliding Doors

Sliding doors aren’t just a passage between rooms – they also serve a decorative purpose adding more elegance and style to your home décor. Since these are essentially the largest windows in the house that hardly conceal anything that is going on inside and admit a great amount of sunlight, choosing the right shutters for your sliding doors is highly important to retain light control and privacy. Our products are made out of top-quality natural wood that allows us to combine incredible durability and classic design to create exquisite shutters suitable for any interior. Custom crafted shutters ordered on our site will complement the design of your sliding doors and provide maximum convenience in daily use.

Features and advantages:

• Custom made
Manufactured out of the finest materials in the U.S., our shutters are available in multiple design options. The combination of various color choices, size options and frame designs makes each sample unique and adds a custom touch to any interior.

• Perfect insulation
We make shutters that provide a high level of thermal insulation keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Moreover, they help reduce outside noise while also protecting everything that’s being said and done inside from curious ears.

• Children and pet safety
Since our shutters feature a smooth design with no dangling cords or other breakable details, they are completely safe for kids and pets and therefore make the best choice for big families.

Design possibilities:

• Paint grade and stain grade options in multiple colors
• Any windows size
• Inside or Outside mount option.
• Various frame choices (Z frame, L frame, trim frame, deco frame or any other custom frame to your liking)
• Classic tilt bar and unobstructed clearview designs


Posted on

August 3, 2016