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Our goal is to create products that are both high-quality and affordable to customers with different income levels. We managed to achieve this by removing all intermediate sectors of the supply chain and building a direct connection between the manufacturer and the buyer. That helped us speed up the production cycle and knock down the prices.

Using premium materials supplied right from the U.S. Northern woods, we add a natural touch to every room furnished with our products.

Incredibly client-oriented and reputation-conscious, our company takes an individual approach to each buyer and is always ready to meet you halfway. For us, it is highly important to know that you are content with our products throughout the entire period of usage, not just the first few weeks after the acquisition. Therefore we offer a lifelong warranty for all products available on this site comparing favorably to the rest of the competition. Here you can always count on great service and friendly attitude. Your trust is our top priority and we are willing to do everything in our power to gain it.

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“Our History”

Instituted in 2000 as a small family business, Comfort Shutters has quickly joined the ranks of respectable home décor providers in the U.S. Although the company is fairly young, it has already won a favorable reputation due to its cost-efficient and customer-friendly business model created by the Comfort Shutters founders based on their previous work experience in the shutters business. Since 1996, one of the inceptors had been working for a large shutters manufacturer. During his employment, he learned how to recognize high-quality wood from cheap fakes and picked up a couple of advanced technologies that later formed the production basis of the new company. After the shutters giant had dropped out of the market, the enterprising young specialist decided to take a shot and start his own business. He gathered a small group of qualified people he could rely on and the story began.

Year after year, Comfort Shutters has been gaining new customers and opening extra manufacturing facilities and gradually turned into a successful, rapidly developing company. Its portfolio has been getting thicker and the team behind the marvelous products that brought beauty and comfort to so many homes saw a few crucial hires as well. The company made a deal with a couple of key wood suppliers in the region to secure best-quality materials for its goods. Focus on ecology and exclusive use of natural wood for everything from base to finish has created a highly appealing image for Comfort Shutters and singled it out among rivals. Right now the company is expanding the range of goods manufactured and makes its first attempts at furniture production to win a wider recognition at the U.S. wood home décor market.

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